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Standards of medical procedures

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Standards of medical procedures

Ania – bronchial asthma

Ania I. For 5 years she has been suffering from fits of dyspnoea which are accompanied by dry, tiring laryngial cough and swishing breath. She was treated by doctors of a local internal ward. At first, she was diagnosed for bronchial asthma. The treatement involved inhaled steroid and betaminetics, in times of aggraved symptoms. Usually, once or twice a year, in periods of intense respiratory tract infections (spring, autumn) Ania was hospitalised due to increased dyspnonea. She was then treated with intravenous steroids and airways dilating medicines.

At the age of 5, in autumn, Ania caught cold. The first symptoms after she returned from school, were: sore throat and dry cough. By and by, the cough got stronger and the breath became more and more swishing. Ania's mother turned to Institute of Healthy Treatment for help. In the evening, Ania received a cupping-treatment – 10 pieces – every 5 on both sides of the spine. (Ania is a tiny girl of a fragile underskin tissue). Simultaneously, she was given diluted Pectosol, brewed Neopectosan and lime flower tea with small amount of raspberry juice.

After about one hour when the cupping glasses were removed, Ania slept uncalmly. Around midnight she woke up. The reason for it were a dry, tiring cough and swishing breath. The dysponea was accompanied by panic. Ania was „accustomed” to receiving inhaled medicines and going to hospital. In order to calm Ania, she was given one dispearsed dosis of Berodual. Opening a window – inlet of cold air, administration of lukewarm anti-inflammatory liquids (Pektosan, Prawoślaz) rendered the girl calm. After an hour of psychological and medical treatements, Ania fell again asleep. Till next morning, the cough reoccured but the there were no fits of dysponea.

The following morning, Ania woke up without dyspnoneae. The cough still occured, but less intense and more damp. For the whole day, the girl stayed in bed, drinking expectorant and anti-inflammatory herbal brews. In the evening, the cough reoccured, accompanied by moderate dyspnoneae and swishing breath. This time, these intense symptoms did not cause panic. The night passed quite calmly. Administration of lukewarm liquids proved to be sufficient.

In the following 3 days, a cupping treatment was applied in accordance with the recommendations of the Institute. The ailments became less and less, until they abated.

In the next years of an intensified bouts of respiratory sickness, Ania was treated with fire cupping. The results of each application were spectecular. The fits of dysponea never occured and the regular symptoms, such as: sore throat, swishing breath were within 24 hours almost gone.

Ania is now 15 years old, she is a healthy, smiling girl. Periodical respiratory infections ended by themselves and in case of prolonged occurence of symptoms (48-72 hours) fire cupping is applied resulting in recovery.



Over the span of 10 years, Ania was taken care of by Institute of Healthy Treatement. She was treated with antibiotics (Amoxycylin for 7 years) only once due to purulent tonsilitis and a temperature of 40 degrees C. Along antibiotics, Ania was applied cupping glasses. The fever was gone within 12 hours and all the symptoms after 3 days since the treatment commenced.


It is worth mentioning that Ania was treated by antibiotics at least once a year in time of dyspnoea, till she was 5 and received a cupping treatment for the first time.



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