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How should we cure? – standards of Institute of Healthy Treatment.

on Thursday, 23 July 2015. Posted in Health area

How should we cure? – standards of Institute of Healthy Treatment.

Igor – ear inflammation

Igor is 7 years old and attends a primary school for those having particular talents. He is a helathy boy. Near the end of the past year after a typical airways infection, Igor developed an inflammation of middle ear. The treating doctor instructed local and oral antibiotics. Once, the 10-days therapy ended, the symptoms of ear inflammation did not abate. 

The next antibiotic treatments were in that way unsuccessful, as the inflammation spread to the other ear. The laryngologist decided to carry on with antibiotics.

After almost three months' disease, after 3 cycles of antibiotic therapy, Igor was taken under care of the Institute of Healthy Treatement. Eardrums and hearing canals bore marks of an inflammation. Igor complained about earaches, hearing disorders. He also lacked motivation for everyday activities.

The doctor of Institute of Healthy Treatment began with an education of the parents and the patient himself about healthy treatement. He made some corrections about microclimate conditions of Maciej's home. Step by step, the new treatement started to involve: systematic therapy with traditonal cupping glasses, local and general medicines and diet supplements. During the time of the treatement, there has been first retreat of the symptoms with a following return of both ears inflammation.

The assessment of an independant laryngologist by whom Maciej was treated, pointed out to a renewed antibiotics therapy and in the long run, to a drainage of drum hollows and far-reaching activity restrictions of the boy. The parents agreed to the Institute doctor suggesting rejecting the antibiotics. After two applications of fire cuppings, the symptoms decreased and started to fade. Another medical check confirmed the retreat of inflammation. Neither antibiotics nor the drainage were necessary. When in several days after therapy ending, the symptoms of catarrh infection reoccured, the parents were very worried. Nevertheless they put trust in the Institute staff. One of the doctors stated an inflammation of the left ear. After fire cuppings were twice applied, the symptoms were gone. Igor recovered fully and his parents loook less worried into the future, knowing that they have an access to effient and secure treatement methods.


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