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Not only antibiotics - our recommendations

on Thursday, 23 July 2015. Posted in Health area

Not only antibiotics - our recommendations

Sandra – alergy, asthma, pneumonia

Sandra is 12 and has already consumed many antibiotics due to frequent infections of the upper respiratory tracts. Sandra was diagnosed with alergies. The girl has been cured with inhaled medicines for years. Several times a year, she falls ill with respiratory infections which are usually treated by antibiotics.

Because of her frequent diseases, Sandra misses school classes. During following respiratory infections, accompanied by persisting cough which disturbed sleeping, Sandra's mother asked the medical staff of the Institute for help. On the day of examination, the doctors diagnosed a higher temperature – 37,3 C, a dry penurious cough, disturbed functioning of the left lung and general weakening. The intensified symptoms lasted for another 24 hours, causing a considerable fatigue, especially as a consequence of sleepless night. The diagnosis confirmed a left-side lung lobe inflammation. The therapy included: traditional cupping glasses in number of 25 pieces, applied on the girl's back, increased liquid administration, rutozid along with vitamin C, rest, warmth comfort. In the first 24 hours of the treatement according to recommendations of the Institute, the temperature went down, the cough became less intense, the child's mood was better. In the following 24 hours, a considerable improvement of general health state ensued. The lingering dry cough was clinically not problematic, its bothering impact was acceptable. For the last 7 days after the treatment, the symptoms gradually retreated. The curation was concluded.


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