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Five antibiotics but the child is still sick

on Thursday, 23 July 2015. Posted in Health area

Five antibiotics but the child is still sick

Kamil has been continously sick for 1,5 year and must therfore stay at home. He was born healthy and stayed in such a condition untill he was 2. When he fell ill for the first time, the doctors diagnosed a bronchitis and prescribed an antibiotic despite benign symptoms. Since that time, Kamil has been on antibiotics 5 times more. Every tim he goes out, he starts to cough and doctors diagnose bronchitis as well as presribe antibiotics. Kamil stoped eating regularily, has become dejected and looks off-colour.

As he again started to be feverish, his desperate parents turned to Institute of Healthy Treatment for help. The doctor diagnosed an acute general viral infection. Along anti-fever medicines, the institute prescribed medical cupping of Dr Narcyz. 24 hours after cupping-application, the health state of the child slightly improved, the fever went down and the cough became more damp. After about 48 hours, the parents asked for a revisit, noticing that the child's state deteriorated and that the cough had become more dry. A doctor of the Institute diagnosed a right-sided lobe lung inflammation, probably virus-related. He again recommended medical cupping-treatment. The following night was for Kamil and his parents calm and the cough with extensive discharge appeared in the morning. Over the following day, an essential amount of discharge in airways was being noticed. The fever receded. In next 24 hours, Kamil regained appetite and the parents noticed his willingness to play and do some sport. In next 24 hours, the cupping treamtent was applied every 2 and 3 days resulting in vanishing of the symptoms.

Next immune-modulating steps comprised oral polivalent vaccinations, colstrum and vitamins. The parents clearly realised how dangerous the unwise antibiotic treatment was for his son.

Institute of Healthy Treatment recommmends treatment of traditional Dr Narcyz cupping for every viral infections, including diagnosis of bronchitis and virral lungs inflammation.

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