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Instructions of Institute of Healthy Treatment

on Thursday, 23 July 2015. Posted in Health area

Instructions of Institute of Healthy Treatment

Maciej-reoccuring infections of respiratory tracts

Maciej I. 3 is an allergical boy. As a first and currently the only child of his parents, he is best provided with possible treatment means. He is living with his parents in a fancy, villa district of Warsaw. Maciej's parents have an extraordinarily abundant insurance package which allows to call a doctor at any time of a day and night. For the first months of life, Maciej has been suffering from allergies. He often falls ill with infections.

He is systematically taking anti-allerigal medicines. Antibiotics are administered to him several times per year. During his short life, Maciej has been hospitalized three times. At the age of 2,5 Maciej came under a care of Institute of Healthy Treatment. Everything took place under dramatic cirumstances, after Maciej caught another viral infection with swishing cough and dyspnonea, his parents called an ambulance. One of the ambulance doctors suggested a hospitalisation. Due to hospitalisation and intravenous treatment, there were some tensions between the parents and the hospital staff which ultimately resulted in Maciej's exemption out of the hospital and his parents' claims to arrange a home medical care. This difficult task was tackled by Institute of Healthy Treatment. viral throat – larynx and vocal cords inflammation. The child also ran tempertaures, cried and was afraid of the whole situation. A doctor of the Institute did not confirm indications for antibiotics therapy. The treatment involved: traditional cupping glasses, expectorant medicines, anti-fever means, intensive hydration with herbal tea and diet supplements containing rutozid and ascorbine acid. The first days of the treatement brought a lower temperature, a damper cough and reduction of freight intensity. In the following three days, treatement with fire cupping was continued.

After the four days of the treatment, the infection symptoms abated. It remained symptoms of overactivity of respiratory tracts and of mucous membrances as well as mucous catarrh. Owing to satisfactory results, the boy's parents put him under the constant care of the Institute. In the same year, a medical intervention was needed three times. The Maciej's parents purchased a set of cupping glasses and leanrt how to handle them properly and safely. The interventions of the Institute were cut down to diagnosis and antibiotic curation of tonsilitis.

After one and a half year care of Institute of Healthy Treatment, Maciej is leading a normal life, attends a kindergarten and the number and intensity of illneasses did not differ from his peers' average.

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