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-Małgorzata Sadłoń- board memeber in Institute of Healthy Treatment,  Kościelisko citizen, well oriented in health and regional tourism issues, well oriented in rules of directing hotels, gastronomic and tourism services for different age groups; till today she was organizing May Sounds Foundation project: annual May Sounds concert (in 2013, 12th edition of the concert), from two years charity bal event organizer (the founds from the bal were channelled for the registered activities of the May Sounds Foundation), coordinator and event organizer of children and youth workshops (task prepared in cooperation with Podhalan Association and borough Kościelisko Town Hall- Gminny Ośrodek Kultury Regionalnej Kościelisko, which made dozens of workshops about redundant professions in which around 200 children took part); one of event organizers of One Day Around Tatry Mountains bicycle rally, which is intended to promote bicycling and healthy lifestyle among beginners; active member of non government organizations in the area of Borough and Region; she was a moderator and member of the meetings, conferences and workshops for volunteers and members of non government organizations, she was managing day-care room for children and youth as it was one of her registered tasks for May Sounds Foundation. She successfully graduated mothers and nanny’s firs aid course, she was a member of BLS and BLS AED course, she was a member of workshops, which were improving rescuing children first aid skills. She was event organizer of workshops for sick and injured TOPR paramedics and workshops for leukaemia sick children. Active member of Department Kościelisko Podhalan Association.

-Malwina Wyszyńska- CEO and member in Healthy Treatment Foundation, Kościelisko citizen, manager as a profession, organizer of the activities in Institute of Healthy Treatment which is a part of Healthy Treatment Foundation

- MSC dr. Narcyz Sadłoń- Officer in Polish Army, earlier doctor in Army Medical institute in Warsaw. Now he is a principal in Army Condition-Training Centre in Zakopane medical section. He is a traveller, mountaineer, alpinist and Himalayan mountaineer a bit. In years 2009-2010 he was a private doctor of dead President of Poland Lech Kaczyński. Member of a board and volunteer in Healthy Treatment Foundation, Kościelisko citizen, as his profession- he was working for ten years as a doctor in Hospital Emergency Department in Warsaw Medical institute, CEO of św. Jana Kantego Educational Club in Kościelisko. Active member (coordinator) in many local projects (Holidays without Risk, Tatry Mountain Academy of Nature) and country projects, founded from borought and country financial sources (also from MPiPS) and from Society Initiative Founds. He has a reach experience in health prevention and medical rehabilitation (medical rehabilitation specialist), in this as a personal trainer, lecturer and instructor in medical, phone consultants workshops. Teacher in “before 2012 Euro MZK drivers” course in Warsaw. Founder and trainer in workshops for moms and nannies; workshops for children in kindergartens in Warsaw and Zakopane. Also a trainer in first pre-medical help for battle airplanes pilots course. Doctor specialist in field of emergency medicine. He is in strict coordination with medical branch and media (he is making projects with Nasamed.tv Medical television). He is also a doctor- consultant for assistance companies: phone consultations, medical opinions for country and foreign cases, NNW opinions. He speaks in two languages: English and Russian.

He graduated: ALS, BLS, BLS AED, USG in emergency medicine, therapeutic and classic massage, in field of emergency situations for children and adults procedures courses.

-  MSC Kinga Papież- she is a psychologist with specialization of family issues. She graduated two faculties on MSC stage on Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego Warsaw University. Member of Polish Psychologists` Association and The British Psychological Society. Certified court intermediate and teacher of Natural Planning Methods according to Rötzer method. Specialist in gender topic and meaning of social media in our life’s. In everyday work she is helping people dealing with stress, conflicts and solving difficulties in marital and partnership relations. 

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