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Healthy Treatment Foundation was created in order to help people to acquire health beyond influence of big finance corporations and beyond the dictatorship of pharmaceutical companies. Aim of creator of the foundation (doctor, who from many years is fascinated in abilities of human immune system, who see the need in world to educate people in field of public access to medical knowledge) was to take the challenge and organize  activities (in which he is bringing on more and more people), which aim is to fulfil those needs.

One of the tolls of Healthy Treatment Foundation is Institute of Healthy Treatment, which realize goals of the Foundation and help the future development of the institution.

Feel welcome to join us if you want to help the Institution and foster goals of the Foundation to peddle medical knowledge for the whole human population.

Foundation Management:

CEO – Malwina Wyszyńska 
Member of a board – Małgorzata Sadłoń 

Foundation Board:

Kinga Papież, MSc
Dr. Narcyz Sadłoń 
Dr. Piotr Dąbrowiecki 
Dr. Krzysztof Karwan 

Goals of the Foundation:

  1. Initiating and assisting in creation of innovative solutions in all fields of medicine, especially in health prevention, public health and rehabilitation.
  2. Peddling usage of modern technologies in healing and promulgation in usage of the newest achievements of modern medicine.
  3. Popularization idea of healthy healing based on modulation of immune system.
  4. Promoting, strengthening, developing and fostering the knowledge about basics of healthy behaviours.

Activities of the Foundation:

  1. Helping with the organization of the counselling.
  2. Fostering knowledge about: health, healthy lifestyle, healthy behaviours.
  3. Creating and fostering standards of healthy lifestyle and medication.
  4. Helping with the organization of the workshops in fields of: first aid, medication process, healing methods.
  5. Cooperation with local governments, non government organizations and other subjects mentioned in Foundation goals.


Healthy Treatment Foundation

Kiry 12 street

34-511 Kościelisko


Healthy Treatment Foundation bank account:

PKO BP SA 08 1020 2313 0000 3502 0468 5378

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