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System of isometric core stability

Target group

The main target group are those professionally active, those aware of civilisation diseases as well as those working in sedentary occupations: managers, lawyers, office staff, drivers.

The isometric system si a perfect tool to care about our health state and prevention of civilisation diseases for children and youngsters as well as for many professional groups. It can be also successfully applied by housetenders and people bringing up children. The principles have been worked out in a friendly and approachable way, so that it can be easily introduced.



The best preventive way against civilisation disorders is the physical activity. Regardless of age, place and familiy status or education, the physical activity remains the healthiest and the most secure prevention method. Circulatory system, respiratory system, hormones, mucles, nervous system and digestive system undergo physiological regulation due to physical activity. The Isometric System is a physiological set of physical exercices and its targets are all who care for theri health.

Slim people with fragile tendons are prone to instability of the spine, backaches and overexertion injuries. The Isometric System offers a sensible procedure of muscle system shape in a secure physiological way.

Obesity and overweight have become a plague of the 21th century. They lead to many civiliastion diseases, including cardiac disorders which considerably reduces the life expectancy and the life quality. Using isometric exercises according to the recommendations helps to prevent overweight, furthers the metabolism and improves the general health condition. It has alos a positive impact on well-being.


Isometrical exercises are especially desined to cure movement system disorders. The most efficient results were observed in: backaches, spine disformation, posttraumatic pains or dyscopathy. The Isometric System was also applied in treatement of obesity, tendons disformation and shoulder pains.


Applying isometric exerices according to the SIOK® (Isometric System) helps to improve dynamic, static, metabolic and psycho-physilological well-being. It releases endorphines which vastly improve the mood and gives an impulse to tackle everyday duities.

Why isometrics?

The underlying core for the Isometric System was the convinction that many pathological states among muscle system spring from overexertion changes. The main factor is the functioning of the system itself. The strain may also come out of sedentary lifestyle. So the question arises, how should we prevent the bad impact of our physical forces? The answer lies in the human body. The cornerstone for the overexertions lies in the muscle system which is exposed to constinous activity and having a proper resilience. The principle is clear: activity means life, non-activity means death.

The alternative tension and relieve of muscles in the isometric way according to SIOK®,.leads to essential activity changes: it improves the blood supply, reduces the nervous system tension, nourises the tendons and increases the oxygen contents of the blood.

  • local effects of isomteric muscle tension

  • reduction of muscle tension

  • better resilience of an exericed muscle

  • increase of bone tensions resilience

  • improvement of metabolism

  • better blood supply

  • reduction of nervous system tensions

  • better nourrishment of tendons

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