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About us

  • We created the Institute of Healthy Treatment in order to better serve our patients. The latest medical achievemnts bring us closer to an answer how to take care of our health and combat the diseases. Our goal is to create such a health system that could assure all Poles and Europeans the possibly greatest security. In case of falling ill, we would like to indicate the ways of a rapid recovery and lessening the ourcomes of a disease.
  • We come up to the needs of a 21th century man who is daily exposed to diverse strong stimuli, often pathological ones. We still need to find an efficient weapon to fight for our health. Institute of Healthy Treatment tackles issues of physical and mental health in a largest way and serve the patients with their know-how and experience. We strongle believe that the man not the doctor cures the diseases. Hence, we always keep in mind how to indvidualise the therapy and adapt it to conditions and needs where the sick find themselves.
    • Efficient care and assistance of patients 
    • creating a holistic health care
    • reduction of health costs for the patients (material and healthy )
    • widespread of immune-modulating methods
    • recommendations of proved treatment methods and medical products

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